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    Welcome to the Washington State Trappers Association. Our member portal is currently under construction, so thank you for your patience.

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  • Getting Involved | Washington State Trappers Association

    HOW YOU CAN HELP We all want to see trapping continue on into the indefinite future. You can help that vision be a reality by investing a little time and effort into making WSTA a bigger, better, and stronger organization. It will pay dividends in the long run. Become a member By banding together and adding your name to our membership roster, you've helped make WSTA stronger. Those membership numbers mean something when we testify to the Board of Game or contact a legislator for help. Recruit more members Another great way to help build strength is to recruit new members. If each of us could recruit one new member annually, we would become a force to be reckoned with. Both supporters and opponents would notice the tremendous growth in WSTA. Volunteer For the association, there are always tasks (both big and small) that need to be done, and groups meet regularly. We'll do our best to find a project that meets your talents and available time. We are stronger by association, and you'll be helping to build us stronger. Write an article One of the most valuable contributions they can make is to write an article for our online updates. We are the glue that binds our organization together. By composing thoughts and sharing experiences and insight, we all see and learn things on the 'line that would interest fellow trappers. Take a few minutes to put words together and send them to us. Be an ethical trapper Conduct your trapping activities in compliance with the highest ethical standards. Every year, we must deal with incidents where traps are set in inappropriate places. Those incidents give every trapper a black eye in the view of the general public and eat up a tremendous amount of our time and energy. Be sure that you aren't one of the trappers causing these problems. ​ Donate By giving to the WSTA, you are supporting our efforts across the state to pursue ethical and safe trapping. ​ Donate

  • Plans & Pricing | Washington State Trappers Association

    WSTA Membership Best Value Standard Membership $ 40 40$ Every year Adults 18 and Older Select Licensed Business $ 65 65$ Every year Business Membership Select Junior Membership $ 5 5$ Every year Ages 17 and Under Select Senior Membership $ 20 20$ Every year Adults 70 and Over Select Lifetime Membership $ 600 600$ No expiration Select

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    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

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