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Washington State Trappers Association (WSTA)
Conservation Through Communication and Cooperation


We're trappers and conservationists. It's true and we just might help you understand that, if you give us a few minutes of your life. Contrary to what you may have heard wildlife thrives because of us, not in spite of us.
Modern trapping is a humane, beneficial and fun activity. Not only that, professional wildlife managers all across the country use trappers and trapping to keep wildlife populations in check, prevent disease outbreaks like rabies, ensure the public's safety and prevent property damage to houses, water supplies, salmon hatcheries, livestock, trees and sensitive endangered species. Modern traps were used to catch and then release [live, healthy and uninjured, no less] the seed wolves in Yellowstone National Park, the Lynx in Colorado and the river otters in states throughout the Midwest. All captured in modern foot hold traps. Right here in Washington Fisher are being reintroduced to their former range, trapped by trappers in British Columbia. It’s the truth. Don't feel bad that you didn't know all this. You see, the animal rights extremists don't tell anyone the truth about trapping. Well, we help dispel the myths. Please take a few minutes and check out our website. Our website is full of information along with helpful related links. We are friendly folks and welcome any questions that you might have.

Bruce Vandervort, President WSTA

Our Mission Statement
The Washington State Trappers Association (WSTA) is a 501(C)4 nonprofit organization of trappers and associates dedicated to maintaining our trapping privileges and regaining those that have been lost. We take seriously the responsibility of maintaining the heritage of trapping we are heir to. Trappers produce the oldest renewable and environmentally friendly products. Furs are recognized as such after many centuries of use. Trapping is an accepted and selective management tool for the harvest of furbearers. A well conducted harvest assists landowners by controlling nuisance animals before they cause damage. We strive to educate the public to the necessity of a sustainable harvest of furbearers. We provide trapper education emphasizing the most humane and efficient techniques in harvesting furbearers. We hold a summer rendezvous in August every year with demonstrations to teach the novice trapper the latest in humane trapping methods and fur handling skills. We hold a winter fur sale, and publish four newsletters each year with monthly reports in the Trapper and Predator Caller magazine. Our business meeting is held in the spring, where we make business, political and philanthropic decisions.

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Helpful Links:
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW)- Trapper Education
WDFW- Reintroduction of Fishers in WA
Tips for Successful Lobbying- Download
Trapping Seasons and Regulations
Furbearer Trapping Report Form
Application for a Special Permit to Trap a Problem Animal
Application for Trappers License (Trapping licenses are available at any License dealer. Buying a trapping license through WDFW will add an extra $105 application fee.)

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